Thursday, June 26, 2003

Ever since I was accepted into law school last December, I have been trying to prepare for what is coming: three years of rigorous legal education. I bought a few books from amazon.com, hoping to get a "head start" since I knew I would not be able to attend any of the pre-law Institutes around the country. In any case, I bought myself Jeremy Horwitz's Law School Insider, Robert H. Miller's Law School Confidential, Law School Without Fear, Getting to Maybe, Bridging the Gap Between College and Law: Strategies for Success, and Caroly Nygren’s series which introduces the reader to the basic law school courses.

Without a doubt, I found Law Schhol Insider to be a good read. The author, Mr. Horwitz, takes you thru his experience from the time he was accepted all the way to graduation. Since I had already done my LSAT when I bought this book, I simply skipped the chapters that were about this test. I simply moved over to his first days of law school, how he reated to different things and so on and so forth.

I found the much regarded Law School Confidential to be a little boring, sometimes even annoying. I found its narrative language to be especially childish and lacked seriousness. Besides its weakness, I found some good information in the book. Although I think I wasted the $19 (or so) I spent buying it, I also feel the book covered a few aspects that Horwitz’s LSI didn’t. In other words, the two books in the end complement each other. However, if you have time (or money) for only one book about life at law school, I would go with Horwitz’s Law School Insider.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

This is my diary. I'll be posting comments on how I'm preparing for law school and also comment on world events.

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